Buchanan County Board of Health Bids Farewell to Outgoing Board Member and Welcomes a New Member

Mrs. Kremer has served on the board since January 2013. Buchanan County Public Health (BCPH) Director, Tai Burkhart states, “I am very grateful for the commitment Inez had to the Board of Health and the support she gave to our department through the many changes over the past few years. She is a role model for dedication to her community.”The board welcomes Dr. Brad Kegler as the newest member. The following members make up the existing board: Dr. Rick McCormick, DO; Dr. Josh Bowden, DVM; Amber Hunt, NHA and Vicki Stabell, RN. The Board of Health is appointed by the Board of Supervisors and is the governing body for the County’s Public and Environmental Health Departments. The Board of Health’s responsibilities include: employ public health staff, determine department polices, approve the public and environmental health departments’ annual budgets, discuss health issues, and assure compliance with Iowa Code. Matt Even, Environmental Health Administrator states, “I would like express my gratitude to the board members for volunteering their time to support maintaining and improving the health of Buchanan County residents. Public Health is so vast and touches everyone’s life every day. Things such as having clean water and sanitary sewers to road safety to vaccines are all aspects of public health and this board plays a role in all of these aspects. Thank you to the board members for their dedication.”