Driver's License Reinstatement Program (CAPP)


Contact our Collection Paralegals at (319) 472-2422 or email Deb Fleming or Ed Watts

DOT Civil Penalties. 
Whenever the DOT bars or revokes your license, it assesses a “civil penalty” which must be paid to get your license back.  If possible you should pay this penalty before setting up a CAPP, however the civil penalties can be included as part of a CAPP agreement.

Down Payment. 
A payment of 10% of the balance owed in the cases suspending the license plus the first payment must be paid.

Out of County Fines.
Fines from other counties may be included with that county’s permission.  However, the other county/counties can refuse and require the individual to set up a separate payment arrangement with them

Drinking Drivers and Substance Abuse
An individual may need to attend and complete Drinking Driver's School and/or Substance Abuse Treatment and Evaluation if ordered by the Court. 
If such courses were required by the Court, a certificate of completion must be filed with the Buchanan County Clerk of Court.  It is the individual's responsibility to properly file such certificates.  An Ignition Interlock Device (IID) must be installed and maintained if ordered by the Court.  Locate a Drinking Driver's School and/or Substance Abuse Treatment and Evaluation in Iowa here.

All CAPP participants must maintain standard liability insurance as required by the State of Iowa. 
The DOT may require SR-22 Insurance.  Proof of Non-owner’s Insurance is required for participants who do not own their own vehicles.  Proof of current coverage and insurer contact information must be presented upon request throughout the duration of the agreement

License Prevention
Issues other than unpaid fines may be preventing you from getting your driver’s license reinstated.  Such issues typically place a hold on your driver’s license for a specific period of time and a CAPP will not end them early. 
If you are barred or revoked a CAPP may be helpful in obtaining a Temporary Restricted License (TRL) for work, school, child care, health care or other reasons.  As entering a CAPP does NOT guarantee issuance of a TRL, applicants should contact the DOT directly regarding their eligibility for a TRL

Contact our Collection Paralegals at (319) 472-2422 or email Deb Fleming or Ed Watts