General Election

The General Election will be held on November 3, 2020.  The Auditor's Office will begin accepting General Election Absentee Request forms on July 6, 2020.  You can get the form from the below link or the Iowa Secretary of State's website.  All absentee request forms will need to be returned to the Buchanan County Auditor, PO Box 317, Independence, IA 50644 or you may drop them off in the drop box at the courthouse parking lot.  The Secretary of State will be mailing absentee request forms to all active voters sometime in August.  The official General Election ballot will not be mailed until October 5th for those that have requested a ballot.

County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections office has been receiving many telephone calls regarding the absentee request forms that voters have been receiving in the mail.  The Auditor, Cindy Gosse, has put together the below news release with very important information regarding the vote by mail absentee request forms.

2020 General Election Absentee Request News Release

General Election Absentee Request Form

Voters may click on the link to see when their absentee ballot was received.

County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections has released more postings regarding the General Election. To see this information, click on the postings listed below:

General Election Fact Sheet

General Election Precincts - note combined precincts

General Election Candidates List

Public Test Notice

Pre-Registration Deadline for the General Election

Extended Hours for Absentee Voting for the General Election


State Senate District 32 & State Representative District 64 ballot style will be for Aurora, Brandon, Fairbank, Hazleton, Independence 1st Ward, Independence 2nd Ward, Independence 3rd Ward, Independence 4th Ward, Independence 5th Ward, Jesup, Perry/Westburg, Quasqueton and Winthrop Precincts.

State Senate District 48 & State Representative District 95 ballot style will be for Rowley and Middlefield/Newton Precincts.

As more information becomes available for the General Election it will be posted.


vote banner picturePlease click the links below to view the short, informative videos on how to register to vote, voting absentee and voting on election day.  You will also find links to access the voter registration form, an electronic voter registration form, an absentee ballot request form, your voting rights and information regarding the upcoming Voter ID requirements for your convenience.

Registering to Vote Video:

Voting Absentee Video:

Voter ID Law Changes Video:
     (Video produced by Iowa City Channel 4, with the assistance of the Johnson County Auditor's Office)

Voting on Election Day Video:
Voting Rights Information:
Student Voters Guide:
Voting in College: Common FAQs:
State-by-State Voter Registration Guide:

Voter Registration Form

Electronic Voter Registration

Absentee Ballot Request Form

Voter ID Information