Drug Drop Box

The Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office has installeddrop box a drug and medication drop box outside the Sheriff’s Office for public access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The drop box is located on the east side of the Sheriff's Office near the Sheriff's Office/Courthouse parking lot. Citizens can use this drop box for safe and proper disposal of unused, unwanted or expired prescription and over-the-counter drugs and medications, including veterinarian drugs and medications. Citizens do not have to be Buchanan County residents to use this drop box and may do so anonymously.
The purpose of this drop box is to allow citizens to safely and properly dispose of unused, unwanted or expired drugs and medications, keeping them from contaminating landfills and water supplies. It also helps combat the growing problem of prescription drug and medication abuse among teens and young adults, which can oftentimes lead to unintentional overdose deaths.  Since it was put in place in April 2016, a total of 501 pounds of drugs and medications have gone through the drop box.  This number was as of April 2018.

Any and all types of unwanted drugs and medications, including illegal drugs, may be placed in the drop box. Please do not put needles, sharps, glass, liquids, inhalers, gauze and other non-drug related items in the drop box. Drugs and medications do not need to be in their original packaging. If original packing is used, name labels do not need to be removed from prescriptions unless desired.

The drop box is emptied on a daily basis and the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office coordinates with the DEA for proper disposal of the drugs and medications. The Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank Corkery Paint & Repair, located near Fairbank, for the paint, sandblasting and labor donated in preparing the box for service.