Acceptable Forms of Payments & Fees

The following payment information & fees apply to all transactions (within the office, over the phone, or online):


  • Allows you to use your routing number and account number to submit payment to our office.
  • The fee for an e-check is $0.30.

Credit or Debit Cards:

  • Accepted cards include: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover.
  • The fee for the use of your credit/debit card can be calculated using the Buchanan County Fee Calculator.
  • When paying over the phone we cannot choose whether your card will be ran as debit or credit.
  • Keep in mind that a limit, set by you or your bank, on debit card transactions may affect transactions within our office.
  • Debit will cost a flat fee of $4.25
  • Credit will cost $0.30 + 2.35% of the total transaction