Office Hours:
Titles:  Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (Driver's license closes at 4 PM)
Closed Holidays
Early Closure last working day of June and December

We must comply with the Iowa Code, and within those guidelines it is our goal to be able to assist you the first time you enter our office.  Please utilize our "Transferring an Iowa Title" page or "Transferring an OOS Title page".

Privacy Policy:
Due to recent clarification from DOT on the Drivers Privacy Protection Act (18 U.S.C §2721) the following is the Buchanan County Treasurer’s new policy on renewing registrations and issuing titles:

  • You can pay for another person’s registration
  • However, if your name is not listed as an owner on the vehicle then:
    • We will collect postage and can mail it to the owner
    • The owner can stop in and pick it up
    • The owner can give you written consent for us to release the registration to you
      • An example of written consent would be: “I, Jane Doe, give permission to John Doe to receive my vehicle registration and/or titles and plates.”

If you have any questions regarding title work please contact us at 319.334.2005.

Quick Title Transfer Tips:
If you are needing to transfer a vehicle an Application for Title and Registration will be required.  All buyers will be required to sign this.  The form can be found at: https://forms.iowadot.gov/FormsMgt/External/411007.pdf

Bill of sale is required on ALL purchases after January 1st, 2020.  Instructions for Bill of Sale:

  • A bill of sale is to be provided by the seller to the buyer before title transfer can occur. 
  • Items that need to be on the bill of sale:
    1. Seller's Name
    2. Make of the Vehicle (Chevy, Ford, Dodge, etc)
    3. Year of the Vehicle
    4. Vin # - Vehicle Identification Number
    5. Buyer's Name
    6. Date of Sale
    7. Signature of both Buyer and Seller
    8. Purchase Price
    9. Any Trade Information

For your convenience, click on the link to use the attached Bill of Sale.

If any dates/other information look written over, crossed out, or not clearly written you may be asked for additional paperwork.

For vehicles that are 10 years and newer you are required to put the mileage on the back of the title.  Be sure that you look at the odometer on the front of the title before doing anything!!!!!  Then look at what the reading in the vehicle is.  Whatever you put on the back of the title cannot be less than what is on the front of the title due to Federal Odometer Regulation 49§327 .  Be sure to write clearly and neatly.  Otherwise you would be asked to obtain a duplicate title, as there is not a correction form to correct odometer errors.

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