Flood Debris Disposal

Dumpsters have been placed for flood debris at the following locations in Independence. 

  1. City parking lot at 2nd Street and 2nd Ave NE (Southwest of the Food Pantry).  Dumpster will remain on street until water recedes, and then will be moved to the parking lot.
  2. City parking lot on 2nd Street SE (Behind downtown business – exact location to be determined after water recedes). 

Dumpsters will be available from September 21st until September 28th.

 Remember dumpsters are for flood debris only.  Do not place anything that can not be discarded in your normal garbage in the dumpsters, such as electronics, tires or hazardous waste (paint, batteries, oil, fluorescent tubes, etc.). 

Flooding Downtown Independence Iowa - Photo by: Wilbur's Aerial Service
Photo Credit:  Wilbur's Aerial Service - Aerial View of Flooding in Downtown Independence, September, 2018 
Official Press Release: http://www.buchanancountyiowa.org/EMA/FloodDebrisDisposal2018.pdf