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Friends of Fontana Park

The Friends of Fontana Park (FFP) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to help fund the Buchanan County Conservation Board's environmental education programs.  The FFP provides most the material costs for the wildlife display, nature center exhibits, quarterly newsletters, and some of the many educational programs and exhibits offered at Fontana and other Buchanan County parks.

You can join FFP in supporting this important work by donating at various levels. All members will receive special benefits, like discounts on programs sponsored by the Friends of Fontana Park (including camp discounts with a Family Membership). Members are eligible to serve on the Friends of Fontana Park Board of Directors. An annual individual membership is just $35.00; a family membership is $50.00; sponsor level membership is $100, and a business/corporate membership is $100. Those who join at the $100 level or higher will have a commemorative nameplate displayed in the Fontana Nature Center. There are categories for larger donations.  Donations are tax deductible.To join, please fill out the form below and return it with payment to the address indicated.

Member of Friends of Fontana Park

FFP Donation

Friends of Fontana Park - Sponsor an Animal
To sponsor an animal in the Fontana Park Wildlife Display, an individual, group, or business needs to make a minimum donation to  Friends of Fontana Park, ranging from $30 to $175. Sponsors will receive certificates, and a letter and photo about their sponsored animal. Sponsor names appear on plaques on the animals' enclosures for the calendar year. Donors may also choose to sponsor the bird feeders for a month ($50). Animal sponsorships make great gifts.The Animal Sponsorship program registration opens on September 1 or the first business day after for the following year (closed on Labor Day).  Funds help FFP provide funds for educational and recreational programs (see above). To become a sponsor, call 319-636-2617 or email

Donate Food for the Wildlife Display
Fontana Park accepts donations of meat and fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables for the animals in their wildlife display. The meat must be less than 4 years old and be unseasoned. Organ meat is not accepted.  The larger the pieces of meat the better. Fruits and vegetables must not contain added sugar or salt. All local native fruits and vegetables are acceptable. All frozen foods cannot be thawed. Please call ahead before dropping off food at 319-636-2617.

Donations for Parks, Trails, and Natural Areas
The Conservation Board manages 40 parks, river accesses, and natural areas, and struggles to keep up with infrastructure needs such as developing park facilities, developing and maintaining trails, and expanding on its offering of places for public recreation.  Donations to the Buchanan County Conservation Board can go toward these efforts.  Contact the Conservation Board Director for more information (319-636-2617). 

Memorial Donations
People may donate as a memorial to a deceased loved-one, or in honor of a group or individual.  Common memorials include trees and picnic tables, and memorial funds can be designated for educational programs (through FFP) or for park and natural areas protection and development.  Contact the Conservation Board Director for more information about memorial recognition (319-636-2617). 

Become a Volunteer
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