Fontana Mill

Mill PictureShelter dam


The Fontana Mill is a partner site in the Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage Area, located at Fontana Park. The Mill was once an important part of the local community. In 1849, Otter Creek was dammed to power a sawmill. Ike Richmond ran the original mill, providing critical lumber for the construction of nearby homes. This dam was partially destroyed by a flood in the 1850's. At that time Isaac Sufficool rebuilt the dam and created a grist and flour mill. The mill changed hands several times over the course of its existence. At one time it received an award for producing the area's best buckwheat flour. By 1950, the mill was no longer in operation and parts had been dismantled. Buchanan County Conservation Board obtained the property in 1959. You can still see the base of the historic mill, upon which the main picnic shelter at Fontana Park has been built.

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