Map of Properties

Click on the map below to download a PDF copy of the Buchanan County Parks, Accesses, and Natural Areas Brochure with additional information on the acreages and recreational uses of each property.

                 County park map

Areas: 1. Anderson Addition to Cutshall Area,2. Bearbower Sand Prairie, 3. Blazing Star Prairie, 4. Boies Bend Access Area, 5. Bryantsburg Area, 6. Buffalo Creek Area, 7. Buffalo Creek Wildlife Area, 8. Cortright Wildlife Area, 9. Crumbacher Wildlife Area, 10. Cutshall Access Area, 11. Fairbank Fen, 12. Fontana Park, 13. Frogville Access, 14. Guy Grover Timber and Tree Plantings, 15. Ham Marsh, 16. Hodges and North Wildlife Area, 17. Hoover Wildlife Area, 18. Iron Bridge Access, 19. Jakway Forest, 20. Koutny Pond/Hoffman Woods, 21. Lime Creek Area, 22. Mickey Fox Wildlife Area, 23. Newton Township Natural Area, 24. Nibeck Area, 25. Otter Creek Roadside Park, 26. Otter Creek Wildlife Area, 27. Patton Prairie, 28. Pine Creek Wildlife Area, 29. Puttyroot Preserve, 30. Quigley-Slattery Heritage Prairie 31. Robert "Chic" McGlaughlin Easement, 32. Roberts Wildlife Area, 33. Rowley Fen, 34. Sand Creek Area, 35. Schneider-Heinich-Rowe Wildlife Area, 36. Swartz Preserve, 37. Three Elms Access Area, 38. Troy Mills Wapsi Access, 39. Van Laningham Wildlife Area, 40. Wapsi River Access, 41. Wehner Woods