Photo Contest


2019 Buchanan County
Natural Areas Photo Contest
Overall Winner - Callie Meyer

2020 Buchanan County Natural Areas Photo Contest Rules
Sponsored by the Buchanan County Conservation Board and Friends of Fontana Park

  1. All photos must be taken in Buchanan County, depict Natural Areas, and be taken by amateur photographers.  Photographers do not have to be from Buchanan County.

  2.  Images will be judged on depicting natural areas with originality, technical excellence, composition, overall impact and artistic merit.  Finalists will be selected from entries by a panel of Buchanan County Conservation Staff. Final Judging will be at a public program by  a professional photographer. 

  3. Black & white or color images will be accepted. Images may be enlarged and cropped and edited for standard color/exposure/contrast.  

  4. Each image will be submitted either in person OR by mail to Fontana Nature Center (1883 125th St Hazleton, IA 50641), OR electronically via an email attachment to  Electronic Photo ID label should include photographer’s name and category (ie JaneDoelandscape.jpg). No more than eight photos per individual may be entered, photos may be entered in any categories. Label on photo (MAILED OR DELIVERED) or accompanying text (IN SEPARATE EMAIL FOR EACH PHOTO) should include:

  5. -where the picture was taken in Buchanan County

    -the category of  the entry (see #6)

    -your name

    -phone number



  6. Each photo must be entered in one of four categories:  Landscapes, Wildlife, Plants & Wildflowers, or People Enjoying Nature.  

  7. Photos entered in previous years’ contests are not eligible. 

  8. One $100 prize will be awarded to the overall winner, and a $50 prize will be awarded to the winners in each of the four categories.  

  9. Entries must be received by SEPTEMBER 15, 2020 October 1, 2020

  10. The Conservation Board reserves the right to keep copies of any photo entries and utilize them in promotional materials (credit will be given). 

  11. BCCB will display the winning photos as 8X10’s in the Nature Center Exhibit floor for one year and then in the classroom area for approximately 10 years.