Road, Bridge Closures & Reduced Weight Postings

RoadClosedSign          Weight-Limit            Updated: October 13, 2020

Below are roads and bridges that are currently closed for replacement or repair, scheduled for replacement or repair, or have reduced weight limit postings.

Contact the Secondary Roads Department with comments or questions: (319) 334-6031.

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roadcone  Roads Closed for Repair 


1).  Wooster Road (10/12/2020): 
     Location:  600 feet from wooster's intersection with 220th st
     Township: Perry ;  Section:31

    • Law: Sheriff
    • Fire: Jesup
    • EMS:  Jesup
    • School: Jesup

roadblock  Bridges Closed for Replacement or Repair

    1).  Lund Bridge:
    Location: 325th Street, between Carter and Benson Avenues.
    Township: Jefferson;  Section: 29
    Notes: Permanent closure anticipated.

    • Law: Sheriff

    • Fire: Brandon

    • EMS: North Benton / LaPorte City

    • School: Independence

   2).  Lime Creek Bridge:
     Location: 305th Street, between Frost Avenue and Brandon Diagonal Blvd (W17).
     Township: Jefferson;  Section: 13
     Notes: Permanent closure anticipated.

    • Law: Sheriff

    • Fire: Brandon

    • EMS: Independence

    • School: Jesup

    3).  Washington 28 38 00:
       Location: 0.13 miles west of the D16 Isaac Ave. Intersection
       Township: Washington;  Section: 28

    • Law: Sheriff

    • Fire: Independence

    • EMS: Independence

    • School: Independence

    4).  Overland Avenue :
       Location: On Overland Avenue .2 miles south of its intersection with 300th St
       Township: Cono;  Section: 17
        Notes: Closure Anticipated to be 3 weeks

    •  Law: Sheriff
    • Fire:  Quasqueton (East Side)/Rowley (West Side)
    • EMS: Independence
    • School: Independence (West Side)/ East Buchanan (East Side)

    5).  Overland Avenue :
       Location: On Overland Avenue just south of the 310th st intersection

       Township: Cono;  Section: 20
        Notes: Closure Anticipated to be 4 weeks

    • Law: Sheriff
    • Fire:  Walker
    • EMS: Center Point
    • School: Independence 


semi  Bridges Posted

Comprehensive list of all bridges with reduced weight limit postings (Excel, PDF).

10tons  Bridges Posted (<=10 tons)

 List of bridges with a posted weight of <=10 tons (Excel, PDF).

     1).  FHWA 80930:
     Location: Thomas Avenue, between 325th Street and Linn-Buchanan Road.
     Township: Newton;  Section: 30
     Notes: Weight postings reduced to 10T

    • Law: Sheriff

    • Fire: Troy Mills

    • EMS: Center Point

    • School: North Linn

      2).  FHWA 81170:
      Location: 0.2 miles south of the 300th ST, Overland Ave intersection on Overland Ave
      Township: Cono;  Section: 16
      Notes: Weight postings reduced to 10T

    • Law: Sheriff

    • Fire: Rowley

    • EMS: Independence 

    • School: Independence

Map Key:

 roadcone    Roads Closed for Repair
 roadblock    Bridges Closed for Replacement or Repair
 10tons    Bridges Posted (<=10 tons)
semi    Bridges Posted (>10 tons)