Radon Testing

Buchanan County Environmental Health & Zoning Department offers Radon Test Kits by Air Chek, Inc. for sale through their office located in the southwest basement corner of the Buchanan County Courthouse or by mail using the Radon test Kit Order Form.  Radon test kits are available for $8.00.  If ordering the kit through the mail, please include an additional $2.00 per test kit for shipping and handling. 

The Radon Test Kit from Air Chek, Inc. is the most widely used radon test kit in the world.  It is renowned for its ease of use, accurate results, and same-day processing.  For the price of $8.00, you get a radon test kit with prepaid return postage, a full analysis, online test results, and a written report mailed back to you.  The kits are extremely easy to use and animated instructions can be found here.