Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to obtain a Building Permit?

Where do I inquire about zoning regulations and permits in Buchanan County?

Where can I find information on the Wind Turbine Ordinance in Buchanan County?

What is the zoning of my property and where can I find this out?

If I rezone my property will my property taxes increase?

Where do I apply for a Business Permit and what is the annual fee?

Where do I apply for a Home Occupation Permit and what is the annual fee?

Can I install a sign in my yard for my friend's business?

Where can I obtain a 911 Map of Buchanan County?

I just built a new house, who gives me my address?

How do I know if I live in the county or city and who can confirm this?

Can I live inside a machine shed?

Where do I call to see if my house or property is in the floodplain?

What is a LOMA?

Where can I get a LOMA Application?

Where can I get an elevation certificate?

Who regulates cattle and hog confinements?