Coronavirus Vaccine

Vaccine updateBuchanan County Public Health has been working with many of the health care providers in our county the past several months so they can offer the vaccine to their patients.  As vaccine becomes more widely available you can find locations in Buchanan County offering vaccine on this page.  

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IDPH COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Levels
CDC COVID Vaccine Data Tracker:  CDC COVID Data Tracker

Buchanan County Public Health will follow ACIP, CDC, IDPH and IDAC guidance for all COVID-19 vaccine rollouts.  

Coronavirus Vaccination Locations - To be updated once vaccine arrives. 

January 2021
*1/12/2021 - Iowa Moves Forward wtih Vaccination Campaign
* 1/19/2021 - Buchanan County COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

December 2021
* 12/15/2020 - 8 Things to know about the U.S. COVID-19 Vaccination Program  (Source:
12/10/2020 - Vaccine Allocation Update
*12/30/20 - Buchanan County Receives COVID-19 Vaccine

What We Know

  • There may be a limited supply of COVID-19 vaccines before the end of 2020, but supply will continually increase in the weeks and months that follow.
  • Experts are working on how to distribute these limited vaccines in a fair, ethical, and transparent way and to the highest priority groups first. When a COVID-19 vaccine is authorized by FDA and recommended by ACIP, vaccination in the initial phase of the COVID-19 vaccination program (Phase 1a) should be offered to both 1) healthcare personnel and 2) residents of long-term care facilities. This recommendation has been adopted by the CDC Director. Learn more
  • At first, COVID-19 vaccines may not be recommended for children. In early clinical trials for various COVID-19 vaccines, only non-pregnant adults participated. However, clinical trials continue to expand those recruited to participate. The groups recommended to receive the vaccines could change in the future. 
  • Cost will not be an obstacle to getting vaccinated against COVID-19. Vaccine doses purchased with U.S. taxpayer dollars will be given to the American people at no cost. However, vaccine providers will be able to charge administration fees for giving or administering the shot to someone. Vaccine providers can get this fee reimbursed by the patient’s public or private insurance company or, for uninsured patients, by the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Provider Relief Fund.
  • Until we reach a critical level of inoculation, we all need to continue to wear masks, social distance, and wash our hands frequently. These actions are still our fist line of defense against the virus.
  • We expect misinformation, and disinformation, about the vaccine to become increasingly common. Learn how to spot it and where to go for accurate information on COVID-19 vaccine. Think before you share! Inaccurate information spreads widely and at speed, making it more difficult for the public to identify verified facts and advice from trusted sources. 

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