Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Where can I get reliable information?

Mental Health:  My friend/family member is in crisis - where can I go for help?

Feeling Queasy?  Call, it's Easy!

Where can I get a Flu Vaccine?  Do I really need it?  What is Seasonal Flu?

When/Where can I get my blood pressure checked?

I just moved to Buchanan County and I need help finding a Medical Provider.

Where do I go if I need a Medical Provider and do not have health insurance or I am underinsured?

I am in need of prescription assistance.  Can you help?

Where can I obtain a free pregnancy test?

Where can I find accurate resources regarding my teen and sexual health?

Where do I go for a HIV or STI (Sexually Transmitted Disease) Test?

Where can I find more information about Opioid Overdose Prevention?

Where can I find more information on Vector Borne Diseases (Mosquitos, Ticks)?

How can I obtain my child's immunization record?

I am going to be traveling out of the country, what vaccines do I need?

Where are the nearest tobacco cessation classes?

I need assistance locating in-home services, nursing home, assisted living, or independent living choices for my elderly parent and want to discuss additional options.

Where can I find information about disability-related programs and services for Iowa residents?

Where can I find Medical Equipment such as a commode, walker, etc?

Where can I get more information on Measles? Mumps? Ebola? Pertussis?

Who do I call regarding well testing, rats, bats, rabies, or poor food handling techniques?