GRAPHIC PressRelease

Facts about Melanoma:

  • More than 9,000 Americans die of melanoma each year.
  • The rate of new cases of melanoma doubled between 1982 and 2011.
  • The annual cost for treating melanoma has grown faster than the annual treatment costs for all cancers combined.
  • The annual cost of treating new melanoma patients is projected to triple from 2011 through 2030 (from $457 million to $1.6 billion).
  • We can do better. Effective community skin cancer prevention programs could prevent an estimated 21,000 cases of melanoma and save $250 million per year by 2030.

To prevent skin cancer, communities and policymakers can:

  • Increase shade at playgrounds, public pools, and other public spaces
  • Promote sun protection in recreational areas, including the use or purchase of hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses
  • Encourage employers, childcare centers, schools, and colleges to educate employees and students about sun safety and skin protection
  • Restrict the availability and use of indoor tanning by minors

Press Release from the CDC - June 2015 (pdf)